For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. So, don't let unhappiness settle in your life. Here we go Untitled Document

Here we go

AAF, 21,
Live Life Loud.

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    Dear you ANJ,

    Hello. It’s me, again. Another randomly auto post. Yknow, by writing I can express my feelings and I really hope that you gonna read this.

    So, how are you? Doing fine? Great uh? Good then. I’m very glad that you are happy now. Being with someone who can take care of you way more better than me is never make me sad, it makes me happy instead. I’m happy if you’re happy even it hurts. Just live your life. Stay strong. Always smile. Be a good girl to your parents and friends. I think both of us did a right choice, but I never forget you I swear. Just take it as an experience for us to be more mature in future. Always remember me when you see panda okay? Superpanda remember? Haha. Nahhhh, I’m just kidding. Glad to see you smile again. That’s my Yanie! :D hey, listen to this song, Painting Flowers by All Time Low. I used to sang it for you right? :)

    Alright then, nothing else I want to say, just all the best and good luck to you. Always loving you no matter what happens! See you in future.


    Dear you ANJ,

    Assalamualaikum. Hello. It’s been awhile since the last time we talked right? Today is 21st of January 2013. Supposed to be our 27th Monthsary. Do you remember? This is scheduled post @ auto post. It will be appeared soon that I only know when and I hope you will read this. 21st September 2013. It will be our 3rd Anniversary but we are not celebrate it anymore. Oh yeah, all the “dear you” tittle in my page is all about you. 

    From day to day, we are getting far apart. We are not like we are in 2010. Do you remember how we met? Haha. That was the funniest and memorable thing.

    How could a messy man like me end up with a adorable and lovable girl like you? I’m still thinking right now. 

    We have been through so many obstacles that might separate us apart, but we didnt had a problem to solved it, at all. We managed to get through together even when ups and downs but unfortunately something huge happened and we both know we don’t deserve to be like this. What to do? It was a mistakes. Yes, my mistakes. I am sorry I can’t be good enough. I am sorry for every single things that I have done that might hurt you. I swear I don’t meant it. 

    I hope during this time, you already moved on and happy with your life.

    I know you deserve someone better but dear, if and only if I had one more chance to make this thing right, I will make it right. 

    Aryani Nurzareeq,

    I still love you and you’re the best that I ever hold on to.

    "I will always love you no matter what happen comes between us". Remember? I still strongly hold these words.

    I miss you way too much. I ache with longing. Hm.

    Take a very good care of yourself.

    Baby, I sorely miss the vibrant gleam that’s in your eyes,

    I’ll write a song about it,

    And maybe if the melody’s just right,

    I hope tonight it will find you,

    It will remind you.

    But what’s holding me back is the thought of time we never had my world’s hanging by three words that I can’t bear to say.

    When you hear this chorus,

    Do you miss the way the world was spinning for us?

    Do you hurt the way that I do?

    After all this time you leave me broken,

    This song is every word I left unspoken,

    When you hear this, girl, I’m hoping that you think of us,

    That you think of us.

    Baby, I told myself that I’ll be fine but it’s a lie,

    I don’t want to talk about it,

    Memories, oh they cut like knives,

    Deep inside I’m falling,

    Baby, catch me if you can.

    Lots of love,


    I still down on fever. Gahhh! I want to be home! :( distance is killing me. I have no one in here.

    Dear you,

    Listen to Harder Than You Know and remember me :)

    i want this hairstyle!!!!
    Dear you,

    Sedikit lega. 

    Dear you,

    You can’t imagine how terrible it is to lie in bed, staring at my family, friends and you while knowing these things and realizing there is nothing I can do. Sometimes I dream that I’ll find my way back that I can find a way to ensure they’re going to be alright. I want to pretend that my journey isn’t over and I pray that the boundless love I feel for them will somehow make it possible.


    When you really miss someone you begin to miss their voice, their laughter, their amazingly soft but powerful kisses, their hands and every little part of them that they share with you.

    I miss you terribly.

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    Dear you,

    I’m feeling better now :)

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